Permanent is not as permanent as you thought!

Did you know that, according to a recent global survey, 28% of people who have tattoos suffer from tattoo regret? What if we told you there was a virtually painless solution to remove a bad tattoo?

With the Gentle Max Pro device, you can achieve the fresh start you deserve! It is not only the Gold standard of machines but can also remove unwanted pigment like acne scars & sunspots, increase collagen, spider veins, rosacea, AND MORE in virtually no down time!

Gentle Max Pro: Tattoo Removal

Our laser targets & shatters ink, breaking it down. The body naturally disposes of it through the lymphatic system. We can modify, fade, or completely remove a tattoo. Multiple treatments are needed.

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the tattoo. Laser Treatments that break up tattoo ink with 6 or more treatments for 30 minutes each. Most tattoos can be completely removed, depending on color of ink.

So whether it’s a misspelled word, inverted music scores, or a tattoo from your college days that you’ve outgrown, you can achieve a fresh start.

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