Dr. Lee J. Monlezun Jr. M.D. FACOG  

All About the Co2re Laser Treatment

Thickening the vaginal walls to correct urinary incontinence! 

Corrects the appearance of the outside and inside of the vagina- Regain your confidence after changes due to age, child birth or other injuries

Treatment is available for internal and external vaginal rejuvenation. This system corrects bladder issues by getting rid of old tissue and stimulating the growth of new tissue, thickening the vaginal walls that support the bladder. After 2-3 session, you will notice improvement to your bladder problems. No more leaking urine for any reason and no more getting up at night to go to the bathroom.

You will notice a difference as soon as the completion of only one sessions. 

What are you waiting for? It is pain free, done in the office, no surgery, no down time, and the sessions are only 10-15 minutes each.

Well-established CO2 technology treats skin or soft tissue.

CO2 technology has been used in gynecology for benign and premalignant vulvar and cervical dysplasia since 1973.

Compared to traditional surgical methods, it provides greater precision, cleaner incision, and less scarring.

Don't suffer from bladder trouble!

Optimize your bladder health with the Co2re intima system.

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The CO2RE Intima’s

comprehensive range of treatment options include:

  • Ablation and resurfacing of soft tissue 
  • Scar tissue (e.g. C-section scar) 
  • Conization of the cervix such as vulvar and vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN, VAIN)
  • Leukoplakia (vulvar dystrophies) 
  • Condyloma acuminate 

Co2re Intima for vaginal rejuvenation- tightening the vaginal walls by stimulating new tissue growth. This treatment can be performed internally and externally. Some of the results include the following but are not limited to just the few listed here.    Improving the outer appearance, vaginal dryness, leaking urine for any reason, reduce or eliminate pain during sexual intercourse. Call or come by for additional information on how this procedure can help optimize your intimate moments.

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