As one of the leading Infertility Physicians in the area, Dr. Monlezun has proudly enabled infertile men & women to have the child they have always dreamed of conceiving & has assisted women with recurrent pregnancy loss, defined as having two or more spontaneous miscarriages.
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Body Remodeling
Your skin has been with you through pregnancies, stress, hormones, & aging so why not help it bounce back? With machines such as Morpheus8 & Evoke that stimulate the production of collagen pulling sagging skin back in position & Evolve that increases muscle weight while melting troubles some fat areas you can resurface your skin to discover a younger looking you.
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Welcome to Dr. Monlezun

Gyn, Infertility & Aesthetics

Did you know that he is a Dr. Dedicated to women’s health?

We understand that women are unique and with that comes unique and specialized expert care. Through each phase of your life, needs will change, and your doctor should have the resources to meet those changes. We care for the needs of women from adolescent years, to midlife, to into your golden years. 

Dr. Lee J. Monlezun, Jr.


With over 46 years of dedication, you can trust that this physician can handle your unique needs. From annual screenings to surgical & management of a variety of gynelogical diseases, every patient is treated as an individual, with individual needs.

Our Services

This website is designed to introduce you to the services we offer and enhance your quality of life by optimizing your health. The best part? Because he has the latest in advanced medical equipment many patients can be treated in the office saving time, money & avoiding invasive surgery.

These services range from Gynecology, Infertility, Skin Remodeling, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Urinary Incontinence, to Aesthetic Skincare. 

Call today for a consultation and don’t forget to check out our Facebook for the latest announcements of what is happening at our office!



Hormone Therapy

Body Remodeling

Laser Hair Removal

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